Dear Viewer,


Let’s start this off right. 


My name is David Michael Alexander. Yes, I know, three first names. You must be raising an eyebrow at this point. Don’t worry, I’m harmless. 


Born, raised, & based in Brooklyn, New York, I've been fortunate in crafting beautiful moving images for many artists & clients all around the city. With a focus on narrative content, I’ve had the opportunity  to work on numerous short films, music videos, visuals, documentaries, & commercials.  

These past few years have been exhilarating, challenging, and most of all empowering. 

Whether that would be crafting dynamic images, forming wholesome relationships, or just simply bringing an incredible experience, every project creates discoveries for me in ways I would've never imagined.

When I'm not working as a cinematographer, I love to operate & AC on many of my peer's projects. Sometimes those are even more empowering. Seeing your friends grow & develop their craft is an amazing feeling. If their is a need for an operator or an AC, don't hesitate to take a look right here. 

If you made it this far, thank you! Feel free to check out my reel below. You can find all my work categorized above. 

...Let's work together soon.


David Michael Alexander 

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